the PIXIEs of the cat fancy

....... Cats are absolute individuals, with their own ideas about everything, including the people they own .............


Steadham cats is a small hobby cattery in Alabama.  We have been a CFA-registered cattery since 2001 and became TICA-registered in 2013.   We started with Persians, then added Exotics (the shorthair Persians) in 2004.  Over the years, we went to Exotics exclusively.  In 2012, we fell in love with another breed – the Devon Rex.   What began by searching for a Devon Rex for pet and show in premiership (spayed/neutered class) turned into adding them to our breeding/showing program.  Currently, we have the Exotic program on slow burn (on hold) and are concentrating on learning everything about our Devon Rex and enjoying showing them.  


We show primarily in CFA, but over the past couple of years have enjoyed showing in TICA, also.   We active members of two CFA clubs – the Birmingham Feline Fanciers and the Devon Rex Breed Club.  Our goal is to breed to the written show standard for each breed. 

Our cats and kittens run underfoot and receive lots of love and attention.   We are a small cattery with limited kitten availability.  Please see our Kittens Page for availability.  We will indicate on the Adults page when are retired show/breeding cat is available.   


Shipping.   Our cats cannot be shipped unaccompanied due to government restrictions in place that prohibits a buyer to purchase a cat or kitten sight-unseen.  Therefore, arrangements need to be made for either the buyer to come here to pick them up or for us to
transport the cat.  If we determine that the distance to too far to drive, an airline ticket for both the person transporting and for the cat/kitten to fly in-cabin is required. 


Over the years, we have worked with several catteries and mentors.   Thanks to the following Devon Rex people/catteries for their willingness to share their expertise, breeding lines, and friendship:  Doug Schmidt (MeiKai), Darlen Easum (Blu Paw), Mary Ann Gobat (RainingRexes), Carolyn Jimenez/Kristin Nowlin (Ready Or Not), and Linda Peterson (Karmakatz).

                                               - Cindy